Our Inspection Fees

Why choose Canyon State Property Inspections?

1. We will give you a complete, detailed, hold no punches, in depth evaluation of the entire home.

2. We have conducted thousands of home and commercial property inspection.

3. Our inspectors are full Members of American Society of Home Inspectors.

4. We will be there to answer all your questions about the home pertaining towards the home inspection when you need us.

5. We will save you money by making you an informed buyer.

  • Allowing you to renegotiate the price
  • Get the repairs done at the seller’s expense
  • Have the comfort of knowing the condition of the home

Home Inspections

Please call our office for an exact quote.
Yes, we do New Construction Inspections (Phase Inspections) consisting of Pre-concrete, Rough-Frame, Pre-drywall & Insulation and Final Walk-thru
. Pricing is $125 for Pre-concrete, $150 Rough-Frame, Pre-drywall & Insulation pricing by square footage and Final Walk-thru pricing by square footage.

Commercial Property Inspections

PRICING for Apt. Units: Total Sq Ft. x .11 = $Charged ($350.00 Minimum Charge)
PRICING for Commercial Buildings: Total Sq Ft. x .15 = $Charged ($350.00 Minimum Charge)

Only one discount may be used per home inspection

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