New Build Construction Phase Inspection

Protect your new home investment with a new build construction phase inspection. This includes Four Inspections of the home during the building process. The four inspections we provide for you are foundation, framing, pre-drywall and the final.

Having a new home built by a reputable builder does not guarantee the quality of craftsmanship put into your home by any means!

Most builders or 95% of them are General Contractors who subcontract all the work which is performed in the construction of your new house. The General Contractor has one or two superintendents who oversee all the work in one particular subdivision or numerous projects.

The city building inspectors have so many projects to inspect they rarely have the time in a day to inspect all the projects which contractors have submitted for various inspections. With this work load city inspectors usually take glances at the home and miss many very important items that will haunt the home owner for years to come if these are not identified and corrected before the buyer takes possession.

Once you have done the final walk through and accepted the condition of the building most items which are not a structural integrity concern will never be corrected by the builder or their subcontractors without a new build inspection.

This is why it’s so important to have a Certified Professional Home Inspector perform the home inspection for you.

Most home inspection companies have inspectors working for them or own the company and have never actually remodeled homes, built homes or commercial structures. That in our minds is very scary thinking that someone who went to home inspection school for 80 hours and passed a simple test is now qualified to tell people how a home is supposed to be built.

The inspectors at Canyon State Property Inspections are experienced inspectors with a background in home construction, remodeling and repairs.

For the most comprehensive and detailed home inspection in the state of Arizona call us today to discuss your needs and we will follow the construction process of your home from ground breaking through your warranty period with our New Construction Phase Inspections. We guarantee our Inspections!

We provide our clients with the knowledge they need to fully understand the workmanship, condition and safety of their prospective new home.


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Note: Structures not connected to the house are considered a detached structure and are not part of the New Build Home Inspection unless specifically requested to be inspected.